Alice Iris Red Horse: Selected Poems of Yoshimasu Gozo: a Book in and on Translation (New Directions Publishers, 2016), (Wundor Editions, 2018)

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"Gozo Yoshimasu is, simply put, one of a handful of the most important and influential living poets whose work has taken poetry into the beyond."

With translations by:
Hiroaki Sato
Jeffrey Angles
Sawako Nakayasu
Jordan A. Yamaji Smith
Richard Arno
Auston Stewart
Eric Selland
Kyoko Yoshida & Forrest Gander
Sayuri Okamoto & Derek Gromadzki

and creative editorial interventions by:
Derek Gromadzki

Reviewed by Emily Wolahan for
The Quarterly Conversation

Reviewed by Michael Barron for
The Culture Trip

Reviewed by M. Bartley Seigel at Words Without Borders

Discussed in interview with Kalau Almony in Reading in Translation

Reviewed by Mia Pattillo for
Brown Daily Herald

Reviewed by Matt Turner at

Discussed by Stan Mir in Hyperallergic

Discussed by Brandon Shimoda in The Millions

The Beyond of Gozo Yoshimasu" at Volta

Excerpt from "Stones Single, or in Handfuls with notes at The Boston Review

Derek Gromadzki in Brouillon

Interview with Aki Onda for MoMA

Forrest Gander interviews gozoCiné

Interview with Yew Leong Lee at Asymptote

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