Pinholes in the Night: Essential Poems from Latin America, Selected by Raúl Zurita, Edited by Forrest Gander, Copper Canyon Press, 2014

A blockbuster bilingual anthology of 18 major Latin American poets, most in new translations, assembled and introduced by the great Chilean poet
Raúl Zurita.

Supported by The Poetry Foundation
Thanks to Ilya Kaminsky

Read the goosebump-raising introduction by Raúl Zurita

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Table of Contents & Translators

Introduction by Raúl Zurita & Nezahualcoyotl (Forrest Gander)

Gabriela Mistral
“The Fugue” (Anna Deeny)

Vicente Huidobro
Altazor (Eliot Weinberger)

César Vallejo
Spain, Take This Cup from Me (Clayton Eshleman)

Pablo De Rokha
The Old Man's Song (Evan Lavender-Smith and Carmen Giménez Smith)

Jorge Luis Borges
“Conjectural Poem” (Jen Hofer)

Pablo Neruda
The Heights of Macchu Picchu (Jack Schmitt)

Nicanor Parra
“Soliloquy of the Individual” (Jen Hofer)

Juan Rulfo
“You Don’t Hear Dogs Barking” (Ilan Stavans with Harold Augenbraum)

Gonzalo Rojas
"When You Love, What Do You Love" (Rowan Sharp)

Idea Vilariño
"Not Anymore" (Anna Deeny)

Ernesto Cardenal
“Prayer for Marilyn Monroe” (Jen Hofer)

Jaime Sabines
A Few Words on the Death of Major Sabines (Mark Schafer)

Juan Gelman
Letter to My Mother (Katherine Hedeen & Victor Rodriguez Nuñez)

Héctor Viel Temperley
Hospital Británico (Stuart Krimko)

Alejandra Pizarnik
from “Diana's Tree” (Anna Deeny)

Antonio Cisneros
"Then in the Waters of Conchán" (Rowan Sharp)

José Watanabe
“Guardian of Ice” (Michelle Gil-Montero)

Gonzalo Millán
“Life” (Mark Schafer)