The Trace, New Directions, coming in 2014

A gripping road novel: an American couple travels the Chihuahua countryside encountering love, hate, and Mexican drug dealers.

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“His work burrows into the particularities of disparate places and cultures in order to sound the differences between them.” —The Boston Review

The Trace, Forrest Gander’s new masterful, poetic novel about a journey through Mexico, describes a couple recovering from a world shattered. Driving through the vast Chihuahua Desert, they retrace the steps of nineteenth-century American writer Ambrose Bierce, trying to piece together their lives after a devastating incident involving their adolescent son. With tenderness and precision, Gander explores the intimacies of their relationship as they travel through desert towns, through picturesque canyons and desertscapes, on a journey into themselves and through the heart of Mexico. As they take a short-cut through the brutally hot desert home, their car overheats miles from nowhere, the novel spinning out of control, and suddenly there are devastating consequences. . . . Poet Forrest Gander’s first novel As a Friend was acclaimed as “profound and relentlessly beautiful (Rikki Ducornet). With The Trace, Gander has accomplished another brilliant work, containing unforgettable glimpses of Mexico and a story both violent and tender.

Praise for Forrest Gander’s The Trace

“Gander’s poetic writing lends this adventure story a dense, brooding atmosphere; Dale and Hoa’s troubles unfold slowly in this carefully crafted novel of intimacy and isolation.”—A.D., The New Yorker

“We need a great novel that takes place out west to come out every year or two. In The Trace, Forrest Gander takes us through dusty Mexico in this gorgeous portrait of what some people will do to come to grips with tragedy.” —Jason Diamond, Vol. 1 Brooklyn
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