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With Grant Barber for Three Percent
With Michael Pagan for The Rumpus
Poet-Novelist at Poetry Society of America
With Eliot Weinberger at BOMB
5 Questions in Brittany (French & English, You Tube)
Bulgarian TV with Iskra Angelova & Michail Shishkin
Cuestionarios Poéticos por Hasier Larretxea (Spanish)
With Michael Smith for Les Belles Étrangères (a film, French subtitles)
With Grace Cavalieri for The Library of Congress
With rob mclennan on rob mclennan’s blog
With Mario Hibert in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzagovina
With Coral Bracho on Michael Silverblatt's Bookworm
With Vic Chesnutt for RockAthens
With Joe Milford on The Jane Crown Show (radio)
With Ryan Biacree for The Interrobang
With Sharon Osmond for St. Mary's Magazine
For Lyric Postmodernisms, edited by Reginald Shepherd
With Christian Nuñez for Unas Letras
The Writer's Almanac with Garrison Keillor