Forrest Gander

2019 Pulitzer Prize

As a Friend, Reviewed for The Emerging Writers Network

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Nope, not the title of a Dr. Phil-like post from me (you're in a shitstorm of trouble if you're coming to either me personally, or this site, for that sort of advice), sorry.

As a Friend is the name of the debut novel from Forrest Gander and it has just been published by New Directions.  I picked it up at Shaman Drum in Ann Arbor last week, read the first couple of pages and immediately took the copy to the cashier.  It's a slim novel (106 pages), and I've yet to finish it, but am still ready to recommend it, even if only for the opening section, which is certainly among the top 2 or 3 descriptions of birth that I can remember.  To me, the writing is going to be compared to Faulkner or McCarthy, but reminds me more of William Gay.
While this is Gander's debut novel, it's certainly not the first time he's published - there are 7 poetry collections and an essay collection bearing his name on the spine, as well as 5 works that he's translated, 5 in which he's collaborated with other artists, and another 4 that he's edited.

Look for it.