Forrest Gander

Pulitzer Prize Finalist, National Book Critics Circle Finalist

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Chile: Pigs of Gold

Marianne Moore, October 1952

Nymph Stick Insect: Observations on Poetry, Science, and Creation

The Pamirs Poetry Journey: China

The Future of the Past: The Carboniferous & Ecopoetics

Finding the Phenomenal Oppen

The Strange Case of Thomas Traherne


John Ashbery: A Worldly Country (with Martin Earl) and Girls on the Run

Roberto Bolaño: Un Lio Bestial:
The Romantic Dogs, translated by Laura Healy

Robert Creeley:
Life and Death and A Retrospective

Rikki Ducornet:
The Word Desire

Jorie Graham:
The Errancy and Swarm

Brenda Hillman:
Extra Hidden Life Among the Days and "Green Pants & a Bamboo Flute" from Pieces of Air in the Epic

J. H. Prynne:
Collected Poems

Lynne Tillman
Someday This Will Be Funny

Eliot Weinberger:
An Elemental Thing

Marjorie Welish:
The Annotated Here and Selected Poems

Raúl Zurita:
Sky Below: Selected Poems of Raúl Zurita, translated by Anna Deeny Morales; Purgatory, translated by Anna Deeny Morales