Eye Against Eye, with 10 photographs by Sally Mann, New Directions Publishers

A book of daring and maturity, both adventurous and intimate.
-American Poet

A powerful book that enhances Gander's oeuvre by adding to its range.
-Dustin Simpson,
Chicago Review
A splendid compendium of neologisms…and uncommon words…and geological terms.
-Sima Rabinowitz,
Forrest Gander is a Southern poet of a relatively rare kind, a restlessly experimental writer.
-Robert Hass,
Washington Post Book World
Gander's [poems] plunge and swoop up and down the whole scale of earthy, earthly, cerebral, and celestial experience.
-DeSales Harrison,
The Boston Book Review
He insinuates a knotty, digressive intensity that is fully his own.
-Robert Polito,
Perhaps the most powerful parts of this powerful volume are four prose poems called Ligatures.
Publishers Weekly

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