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As a Friend

Core Samples from the World
Las Canchas: Ball Courts of Mexico (photographs by Dan Borris)
Eye Against Eye
Sound of Summer Running (photogaphs by Raymond Meeks)
The Blue Rock Collection, (drawings by Rikki Ducornet)
Twelve X 12.00, (art by Tjibbe Hooghiemstra)
Torn Awake
Science and Steepleflower
Deeds of Utmost Kindness
Eggplants & Lotus Root
Rush to the Lake

A Faithful Existence

Hybrid Books
Redstart: an Ecological Poetics (with John Kinsella)

Books of Translation by Forrest Gander
Fungus Skull Eye Wing, poems of Alfonso D’Aquino
Fifteen Poems from South of the Rio Grande, Selected by Raúl Zurita
Watchword, poems of Pura López Colomé
Spectacle & Pigsty, poems of Kiwao Nomura (with Kyoko Yoshida)
Firefly Under the Tongue poems of Coral Bracho
The Night: A Poem by Jaime Saenz (with Kent Johnson)
Connecting Lines: New Poetry from Mexico (with Luis Cortés Bargalló)
Immanent Visitor, poems of Jaime Saenz (with Kent Johnson)
No Shelter, poems of Pura López Colomé
Mouth to Mouth: Poems by 12 Contemporary Mexican Women

Forrest Gander in Translation
Als es dich gab (Deutsch)
Libretos para eros (Castellano y Inglés)
Ligaduras : Ligatures (Castellano y Inglés)
En Ami (Français)
Като приятел (българска)
Twelve X 12.00 (Nederlands en Engels)
Arrancado del sueño, (Castellano y Inglés)

Japanese A Clearing

—Poems & Essays:

Handsten och andra dikter (Svenskt) “Hintergrunduntersuchung” (Deutsch)
Fra ”Sarahs Fortælling” fra romanen Som en Ven (Dansk)
“Die Gewaltigkeit Dessen, Was Fehlt” (Deutsch)
“De transparantie van een geloofwaardig bestaan” (Nederlands)
“Het enorme van wat kwijt is” (Nederlands)
Poemas selectos en La Siega (Castellano)
“Onkraj Te Točke Pošasti: Sarina Pripoved” (Slovenski)
ужас (русский язык)
Celestógrafo (Português)
Celestografia (Català)

Chinese text



西川 at Poets House

On Deck:
Panic Cure: Poems from Spain for the 21st Century

Alice, Iris, Red Horse: Selected Poems of Gozo Yoshimasu

Diary of Heptatitis
(translation of a novel by César Aira)