Watchword by Pura López Colomé, Wesleyan University Press

“Widely acknowledged and celebrated as a poet of lyric intensity and concision, Pura Lopéz Colomé here attains a new level of engagement with the poetics of perception in a world marked at once by harrowing personal experience and the transformative revelations of things as they are. Truly a splendid ‘garden / of signs within signs.’”
—Michael Palmer

“Both Dante and Dickinson preside over Watchword, Pura Lopéz Colomé’s brilliant ‘notes that day by day gather / something profound and gentle, eternal, / melodious, imagined, maternal…’ She reminds us just how worldly the otherworldly is. Forrest Gander’s translation rings flawless and true.” —John Ashbery

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Pura at Harvard University's
Lamont Library