Mouth to Mouth: Poems by 12 Contemporary Mexican Women, Milkweed Editions

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"Mouth to Mouth [demonstrates] that Mexico is a leading contributor to the literature of the Americas."
-Ray Gonzalez,
The Nation

"Of the numerous Mexican women writing poetry today,
Mouth to Mouth editor Gander has given us an even dozen, and provided generous samples of their work, about eight pages of poetry per poet.... Each of the 12 selections is prefaced by a biographical note and a statement by the poet about her life and work. Gander has selected important and accomplished writers, as can be gathered from these introductions alone.... This poetry provides evidence of a new age with new frankness, assertiveness, and concerns."
-Patricia Dubrava Keuning,
The Bloomsbury Review

Mouth to Mouth] is quite readable and altogether impressive. A reader like myself, who lives only a few miles from the international border and is constantly made aware of the culture of machismo, marvels that editor Forrest Gander was able to find so much women's poetry being written and published.
-Fred Echman,
The Star Tribune

"The poems evidence a variety of themes and styles- e.g., erotic, experimental, autobiographical, and social or political. Translations are excellent and generally faithful to originals. Gander, the editor and translator of some texts, is a poet, as are all of the translators. This explains their deftness at rendering rhythm, tone, and diction of originals."
-S.A. Cavallo,

"The 12 poets featured by Gander in this bilingual collection, most from the post-war generation, have apparently been brought together because of their link to the feminist movement. Accordingly, this writing includes 'testimonials' that record the daily experience of women, and it claims to engage an expressive language that defines itself against a traditional poetic voice.
-Publishers Weekly

"Editor and poet Gander has skillfully selected 12 of Mexico's leading female poets, and with the help of 11 additional translators, allows us a fascinating glimpse into the feelings and nuances of life in Mexico . . . . Each poet is introduced by the editor as well as herself, which adds greatly to this valuable anthology's personalizing approach."
-Raul Nino
, Booklist

"With surreal delicacy, these poems invoke a world animated by immediacy of passion, where on strives for insight into what is fundamentally one's own . . . . One cannot help admire their independent, sensuous spirit. Highly recommended . . . ."
-Frank Carnival,
Feminist Bookstore News

"The editor, Forrest Gander, should be praised for his choice of poets as well as for his selection of twelve poet-translators, himself included, who translate artistically....
Mouth to Mouth remains a superb anthology, one I would recommend to English and Spanish readers who wish to acquaint themselves with some of Mexico's best contemporary poets."
-Kay Pritchett,
World Literature Today

“I am so happy these poetisas have arrived together like a river to flow into Forrest Gander’s anthology. The choices are thrilling and I am happy to see how wonderful some of the poetry sounds in English. Mouth to Mouth captures the eager, strong new voices of women poets after Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz. The translations are superb.” -
- Elena Poniatowska