Forrest Gander

2019 Pulitzer Prize

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Interior Landscape with Ashwini Bhat, Arion Press, Presidio, San Francisco, CA

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Indian Ceramics Triennale (Jaipur, India), Collaboration with Ashwini Bhat
reviewed in The Brooklyn Rail by Romain Maitra

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Phantom Limb, Collaboration with Kay Rosen, Tang Museum of Art

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Collaboration with Ann Hamilton For One Boston (Pressed Wafer)

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Standing Wave: collaboration with Sharbani Das Gupta (ceramic monoliths), Debra Marleen Smith (tapestries), Ashwini Bhat (ceramic caracoles), Forrest Gander (poetry), The Studios Inc, Kansas City, MO

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Collaboration with Ke Francis (Raven), Ringling Museum

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Collaboration with Ke Francis (Projecting Love), Ringling Museum

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Collaboration with Douglas Culhane

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Collaboration with Juan Pascoe (Taller Pescador Martín), EXTRACTION, Peter Koch Printer

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Collaboration with Larry Rafferty & Lisa Rappoport (Hit & Run Press)