Eggplants & Lotus Root, Burning Deck Press

"The title belies the content of this chapbook's cerebral sensuality. No macrobiotic orientalism will be found in its pages, even though its tripartite prose poems received such section titles as 'Tea Scripture,' 'Moon in the Afternoon,' and 'A Macula of Light.' What there is, however, is a radical modernity by which the female body, dismembered by the eye's intense gaze, brings somatic and anatomical detail into exquisite union with language."
-Marjorie Welish,

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"Gander refuses to play the part of wagon master but rather presents us with a poetry that is a tightly structured thicket of real American sagebrush and not some prepackaged fabrication. His recent chapbook Eggplants and Lotus Root is a highly readable collection of poetry that displays the knowledge of someone who is not only willing to break up the body's landscape but also our traditional notions of language and syntax."
-T.J. Anderson III, Lift